Cilice 12x1" 30x1cm 0.6mm 23 gauge color metal


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Cilice with  brass-like anallergic metal, dyed the gold color. Suede strap. 

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Cilice, or otherwise a hair shirt,  is one of the devotional used to practice asceticism. Cilicium is a lightweight metal band with blunt spikes that are tied to the thigh or shin for personal mortification or for penance fulfill. Offered cilice is made by me, on request, with brass rings. Presented brass cilice is the basic version, on customer requested  Presented cilice shown on image has 12 inches (approx. 30 cm) and consists of more than 100 cells. A strip is made of synthetic skin  Presented belt is formed on the pattern of Italian Cilices - using classical s- shaped spikes.

Length: 30cm (12 ")

Width: 2.5cm (1 ")

Wire diameter: 0.6mm (23 gauge)

Material: colored metal

Color: gold

String: suede (black)