Classic hardened steel cilice


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Cilice made of thick, tempered, hot-drawn wire. Suede leather strap.

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Cilice, or hair shirt, is one of the devotional items used to practice asceticism. Cilicium is a light, metal band with blunt-ended spikes, which is tied on the thigh or shin for private mortification or to fulfill a given penance.
Cilice is made of hard, thick wire made of hardened steel. The wire used in the production of cilice is cold drawn, annealed recrystallizing and cold drawn again. This makes the wire extremely resistant to mechanical deformation. Further shaping of the cilcie involves the manual processing of each circle individually using metallurgical tools.
The cilice shown in the picture is 12 inches (approx. 30 cm) and consists of about 100 links, the strap is made of synthetic leather and is made in the style of Italian cilic - with the use of classic S-shaped spikes.
Photo number 4 shows a comparison of a cilice made of surgical steel wire with a  0.6 mm diameter.
Length: 30cm (12 ")
Width: approx. 3.0 cm (1 ")
Wire Diameter: 1mm (17 gauge)
Material: hardened steel, proper surgical steel - no brass in the alloy Color: Gold Strap: suede (black color)
Color: silver