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It is a classic hairshirt which was used in antiquity. Its wearing is mentioned several times in the old testament (e.g. in the Book of Psalms). Due to careful workmanship and light material, you can wear the shirt under everyday clothing. Depending on the recommendations of the confessor (spiritual director), the hairshirt can be worn all the time or at a strictly designated time.

In our store we offer you 100% handmade hairshirt. Materials used by people a few thousand years ago were used here - we use ONLY natural materials for its production. The proposed hairshirt is sewn with a linen/cotton rope. We believe that the implementation of the hairshirt in the original way has positive consequences of wearing it.

A well-fitting hairshirt should adhere to the body (like an undershirt). Too loose will not cause the desired discomfort, which is why our hairshirts are sewn to size.

After the purchase, please contact us and enter your dimensions, i.e.:

A) waist measurement (at the height of the navel)

B) chest circumference

C) height from the navel to the neck